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Maybe I Don't Belong Here

David Harewood

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Actor David Harewood describes growing up as a Black boy in Britain, charting his early experiences with psychosis and shedding light on how deeply embedded racism affects the mental health of people of color.


Maybe I Don't Belong Here

Maybe I Don't Belong Here

by David Harewood


Many well-meaning people claim that they 'don't even see race.' But for people of color, it is impossible to live without being constantly reminded of it. The institutionalized racism that people of color must navigate has a direct negative effect on their mental health.

David Harewood is a world-famous actor who, despite his struggles with psychosis, has performed in a series of internationally acclaimed productions. In this book, Harewood vividly documents his experiences with racism through his early childhood and into adult life. Maybe I Don't Belong Here is a journey that examines how racism is embedded in Britain's institutions and its impact on people of color.

Favorite quote

As a Black British man I believe it is vital that I tell this story ... my hope is that it might be enough to change some opinions or, more importantly, stop someone else from spinning completely out of control.

- David Harewood

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