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Matthew McConaughey: Attaining the Unbelievable

The Mindvalley Podcast , Vishen Lakhiani, Matthew McConaughey

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In this February 2021 episode of Vishen Lakhiani's The Mindvalley Podcast, actor and author Matthew McConaughey shares the wisdom he's gained traveling around the world.


Matthew McConaughey: Attaining the Unbelievable

Matthew McConaughey: Attaining the Unbelievable

by The Mindvalley Podcast


A change in perspective has the power to change the world. If you can recognize obstacles as opportunities, they will stop blocking your path. If you open your mind and heart to new people and new experiences they will welcome you in return.

Vishen Lakhani is a podcast host, author, and the CEO of Mindvalley. He hosts The Mindvalley Podcast, where he interviews people from all walks of life about mental health and spirituality. Matthew McConaughey is an Academy-Award-winning actor and recent author of the bestselling memoir, 'Greenlights.' In this episode of The Mindvalley Podcast, Lakhiani and McConaughey discuss being open to new experiences, embracing the obstacles in your life, and making time for solitude.

Favorite quote

When I cross the truth, give me the awareness to receive it, the consciousness to recognize it, the presence to personalize it, the patience to preserve it, and the courage to live it.

- Matthew McConaughey

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