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Matters of Time

99% Invisible, Roman Mars

5 mins

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In this episode of the 99% Invisible podcast, host Roman Mars speaks with experts to learn how time has shaped society, from the days before alarm clocks to modern discussions on daylight saving time.


Matters of Time

Matters of Time

by 99% Invisible


Time dictates our lives. Our world automatically operates on the function of time, and it's hard to believe that it wasn't like that just a few generations ago. In Matters of Time, an episode from the 99% Invisible podcast, host Roman Mars explores how timing became everything.

Mars and his colleagues interview experts on time, including Victorian historian Ruth Goodman and daylight saving time authority ​​Dr. David Prerau. Readers will learn about 'the knocker uppers', how time relates to the genocide of minorities in Xinjiang, and the Lighter Later movement in the U.K.

Favorite quote

For the most part, we take time for granted. Maybe we don't have enough of it, but at least we know how it works – well, most of the time.

- Roman Mars

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