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Matt Haig: How to Fail

How To Fail , Elizabeth Day, Matt Haig

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In this February 2021 episode of Elizabeth Day's podcast How to Fail, author Matt Haig discusses how failing to talk about his mental illness sooner nearly cost him his life.


Matt Haig: How to Fail

Matt Haig: How to Fail

by How To Fail


We tend to look at successful people and think they've never known failure. But everyone has failed at something, and the most successful people have often failed more than others.

In How to Fail, journalist and author Elizabeth Day probes her guests' deepest failures to reveal how they led to their brightest successes. In this February 2021 episode, Matt Haig, bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive and The Midnight Library, discusses how failing to talk about his severe depression sooner inhibited his recovery and how writing helped him cope. Going through mental illness and struggles doesn't make you weak, it can even make you stronger, more empathetic, and resilient.

Favorite quote

The great thing about rock bottom is the rock. Because then you can build the foundation from that rock.

- Matt Haig

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