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Master Your Cash Flow


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Keep track of the cash in your pocket with Master Your Cash Flow, in which business Coach Dale Gibbons takes us through the functions of a simple cash flow tracker.


Master Your Cash Flow

Master Your Cash Flow

by WealthFit


Dale Gibbons is a celebrated business coach, mentor, and CEO of The Continuous Improvement Center. Before committing his career to helping businesses and individuals improve their systems, Gibbons had held several high profile roles in his near four-decade-long career. Among some of his most exciting roles, he worked as CEO of Level 12: Software That Works, a software company that was struggling when he came on board, but he managed to turn around the company and helped it a 100% increase in revenue.

Today he helps businesses and individuals thrive through a time of economic uncertainty through a range of programs such as The 7 Figure Business Network, and in online classes. Through Master Your Cash Flow, he shows us how we can use a simple cash flow tracker to make sure we maintain a positive bank balance.

Gibbons helps us to see how we can use this tool to forgive ourselves for the financial mistakes we've made in the past, and begin to prepare ourselves for a sustainable future. The cash flow tracker provided by Gibbons allows us to plan the financials of each part of our lives, without the need for complicated accounting knowledge – it automatically calculates projections when we fill out the fields provided. When used in conjunction with this course, we can finally stop dreaming about a steady cash flow, and start living with one.

Favorite quote

Success in life and in business is determined by your choices.

- Dale Gibbons

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