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Marketing Communications

Deirdre Breakenridge

5 mins

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Establish and develop a sound marketing plan for your business with this easy course, focusing on modern strategies and finding the factors that make you stand out from the crowd.


Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

by Deirdre Breakenridge


Marketing communication consists of a series of techniques adopted by a company to enhance its position in the market. PR-related activities, social media, branding, and the company's online presence are just a few crucial marketing tools to master.

Dierdre Breakenridge has been educating and consulting businesses and companies about marketing communications for around 25 years. In this course, Breakenridge examines how to craft the perfect messages for your target audience and master a variety of marketing strategies, helping you identify the best practices for your business.

Favorite quote

Today's marketer has to be tuned in to customer data, new ways to reach their audience with compelling messages, and measurement that proves they're creating impact and business value.

- Dierdre Breakenridge

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