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Marketing Above the Noise

Linda J. Popky

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Marketing expert Linda J. Popky presents a guide to ensuring that your brand's voice stands out and is heard over the noise of the modern marketplace.


Marketing Above the Noise

Marketing Above the Noise

by Linda J. Popky


Every day, more and more products and services clamor for our attention, with an estimated 30,000 products launching each year. The same goes for the world of marketing — an ever-increasing number of tools and technologies promise to amplify your brand's voice over the rest.

In Marketing Above the Noise, award-winning marketing consultant and founder of Leverage2Market Associates Linda Popky shares insights into how the world of marketing has changed in recent years, how it hasn't, and how you can ensure your brand is heard.

Aimed at marketing professionals, the book gets to the heart of the dilemmas of modern marketing and provides practical advice on how to get your message out there, heard, and understood by consumers.

Favorite quote

Today's businesses need to stop running in place trying to keep up with the latest and greatest marketing tactics. Instead, their focus should be on developing those long-term strategies that build customer loyalty and convince prospects to buy.

- Linda J. Popky

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