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Market Research and Consumer Behavior

IE Business School, Shameek Sinha

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This course, offered by IE Business School through Coursera, will help you conduct market research by developing an understanding of how consumers make purchasing decisions.


Market Research and Consumer Behavior

Market Research and Consumer Behavior

by IE Business School


The most important thing you can do before taking a business decision is to conduct thorough market research in your niche. It's important to remember that you cannot conclude anything from market research without understanding how your target consumer makes decisions.

Professor Shameek Sinha teaches Marketing Fundamentals and Marketing Strategy for Decision Making at Spain's IE Business School. With years-long experience in researching optimal consumer targeting, Sinha explains how we can understand consumer responses.

Consumers are neither mindless drones nor hyper-conscious buyers: Consumers make decisions based on a complex set of factors. This course introduces prospect theory, which encompasses many aspects of consumer behavior. Market Research and Consumer Behavior will assist in explorative, descriptive, and causal market research.

Favorite quote

Consumers usually have a diminished sensitivity and somewhat differential reaction to gains versus losses.

- Shameek Sinha

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