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Managing Your Career

Valerie Sutton

5 mins

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Managing Your Career helps professionals in the early stages of their vocation to create a robust career profile; to proactively navigate and identify key opportunities, interests, and needs, and chart future growth.


Managing Your Career

Managing Your Career

by Valerie Sutton


Feeling satisfied in your career is about more than money or following a passion. Employee research shows satisfaction is about the ability to learn, grow, contribute, and be recognized. When we're not satisfied with our career and we can't figure out what's wrong, we need to take a moment to examine our life, and identify our options based on our needs, values, and interests.

To build a rewarding career means you need to invest and make a plan if you want to move it forward. This is the key to what career coach and thought leader Valerie Sutton teaches in her course, Managing Your Career. Sutton believes that the best course of action is to manage your early career from the start.

Favorite quote

Have you ever been scrolling through jobs and found one that you loved but you didn't have the skills and experience to be seriously considered? Should you still apply?

- Valerie Sutton

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