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Managing Your Calendar for Peak Productivity

Dave Crenshaw

5 mins

3 key insights

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Leading productivity expert Dave Crenshaw shows how a calendar can help us get organized and maximize our productivity.


Managing Your Calendar for Peak Productivity

Managing Your Calendar for Peak Productivity

by Dave Crenshaw


If you want to optimize your productivity, you need to take control of your time. For that, you need a calendar. Dave Crenshaw is a productivity expert with over twenty years of experience helping teams and individuals in universities, Fortune 500 companies, and online classes with a global reach. In Managing Your Calendar for Peak Productivity, Crenshaw shares productivity strategies we can apply in our daily lives. Crenshaw demonstrates everything you need to know to begin to use a calendar to manage your time better and become more productive.

Favorite quote

Just as a carpenter uses a hammer to build a house, your calendar is your tool to help you stay productive.

- Dave Crenshaw

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