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Managing Up, Down and Across the Organization

Roberta Matuson

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Renowned Global Strategist Roberta Matuson provides us with the tools we require to start getting the engagement we need from our teams, bosses and peers.


Managing Up, Down and Across the Organization

Managing Up, Down and Across the Organization

by Roberta Matuson


Roberta Matuson's unique ability to get employee engagement at every level has earned her the title The Talent Maximizer. She has developed her reputation by helping organizations tap into their employees' talent to reach unparalleled growth. Her distinctive advisory style has been developed from a combination of years' worth of experience at each level of the management structure and over two decades as a strategist and advisor.

Managing Up, Down, and Across the Organization is a course tailored for ambitious mid-level managers that are interested in directing synergy for growth and profit for both their organization and for themselves. To get meaningful results and meet goals, managers have to manage their peers and bosses just as much as they have to manage their team. Without knowing how to engage everyone properly, it's quite easy to botch the process.

Through this course managers can learn how to command the respect necessary to effectively manage at all three levels, as well as how to create an empathic collaboration culture that gets everyone involved. Even more importantly the course shows the value of relationships; their role at work, and how we can begin to build them.

Favorite quote

Self-awareness is the first step in any growth process.

- Roberta Matuson

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