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Making Friends With FEARBy Tony Blauer

In a Nutshell

Let’s face it; fear sucks — until you change your relationship with it. Learning to manage fear can change your life.

Favorite Quote

"You can't be brave if you're not afraid. There is no courage without fear!"

- Coach Tony Blauer


I was an all-around athlete. I competed in many sports, including skiing, wrestling, martial arts, etc. And I dreaded it. I dreaded all competitions.

I trained hard and competed, but I never enjoyed it. I hated the fear.

I kept thinking: If I’m so prepared, why am I so scared?

I tried hard but was always frustrated.

Sometimes I did well, but mostly I didn't. Regardless of the outcome, I never enjoyed myself. Fear was always on my mind.

I never understood why I felt nervous when I was competing in sports. No one was trying to attack me.

But it didn't stop there. Fear was a constant companion.

I’d get nervous about giving a presentation in school. As I got older, it was fear of a job interview, then fear about starting my own business. Then fear about marriage. The list goes on. Fear affected my enjoyment of life.

Have you experienced this? Most people have.

No one likes to discuss fear. In this Hack, I’m going to share with you proven, effective strategies to make fear work for you.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    We need to make friends with fear
  2. 2.
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