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Making Babies in the 21st Century

UCL (University College London), Dan Reisel, Lyndsey Butterworth, Helen O'Neill

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This course from University College London explores the progress fertility treatment has made in recent decades, delving into the science of available treatments as well as ethical questions about their impact on parents, children, and society.


Making Babies in the 21st Century

Making Babies in the 21st Century

by UCL (University College London)


In the 21st century, infertility levels have risen around the globe, alongside a surge in obesity and the average age of prospective parents. Fortunately, fertility treatment options have been improving rapidly at the same time.

University College London has brought together leading experts in bioethics, reproductive sciences, and law to explore not only the technological advances in fertility treatment, but also their morality and social impact. Dan Riesel is a researcher in preventative medicine and bioethics at the College's Institute for Women's Health, while Lyndsey Butterworth is a research associate at Newcastle University specializing in mitochondrial disease. Together with molecular geneticist Helen O'Neill, these educators compare and contrast fertility treatments and attitudes towards them across the globe.

Each module of this course explores a different type of treatment, from egg-freezing and sperm donation to transnational surrogacy. As well as explaining the science behind each fertility treatment option, the course discusses the health concerns and moral dilemmas involved.

Favorite quote

It can be very constructive for people to have an opportunity to revisit the whole idea of family life, of family-building. But the person who has to remain at the center of those considerations is the child.

- Bronwyn Parry, professor of global health, King's College London

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