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Make Time

Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky

5 mins

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Make Time is about creating space in your life for what truly matters using highlights, laser-style focus, energizing breaks, and regularly reflecting on how you spend your most valuable asset.


Make Time

Make Time

by Jake Knapp


Our calendars are always full, but do we always feel fulfilled? For most of us, the answer is no. Even if you enjoy your work, which is a big issue on its own, it's very easy to slowly fall into the trap of busyness, time and again.

Add to that the second workweek most of us spend interacting with and consuming media, and you have a schedule that'll always leave you worn out come Sunday. Despite really loving their jobs, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky also suffered from this problem. The solution they came up with was as simple as it was effective: Make Time.

By deliberately creating space in their lives for the projects they really wanted to tackle, eliminating distractions, and prioritizing their health, they turned unmindful reactiveness into mindful proactivity.

Favorite quote

Moment by moment and day by day, you can make your life your own


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