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Make Creativity Your Career

Andy J. Pizza

5 mins

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This Skillshare course discusses simple techniques that can help you turn your creative talents into a sustainable creative career while staying true to your vision.


Make Creativity Your Career

Make Creativity Your Career

by Andy J. Pizza


Many of us have been led to believe that success in creative industries comes down to luck.

Illustrator and designer Andy J. Pizza, on the other hand, argues that creative minds are imaginative enough to write their own fortune cookies. Andy J. Pizza's creative mind is behind the Indie Rock Coloring Book, the daily NOD sketching project, and Andrew Neyer's Color Me Exhibition. Pizza boasts a strong portfolio of projects conducted for Sony, Google, Smart Car, Urban Outfitters, Wired Magazine, The Economist, and Bloomberg.

This course shows you ways to define what a creative career means to you, set clear goals to help you move strategically toward your success, and use side projects to introduce your talents to the right market.

Favorite quote

Success is finding that place where you're thriving financially, but you're not sacrificing your creative fulfillment.

- Andy J. Pizza

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