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Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

Kamal Ravikant

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Is one phrase really all it takes to change your life? For visionary Kamal Ravikant, there's no doubt about it. Here, he shares the secrets to his own happiness, along with all the advice and guidance you need to find your own at the end of the same path.


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

by Kamal Ravikant


Following a career investing in Silicon Valley businesses - that included the failure of his own - American businessman Kamal Ravikant decided to take control of his own life. In this book, Ravikant lays out the revelatory thoughts and practices that helped him rebuild - and vastly improve - his life. All it took was one self-affirmation.

So, what was Ravikant's phrase? 'I love myself.' His message is simple: show yourself deep love and improve your psyche by repeating this phrase on a regular, habitual basis. Ravikant has devised a four-step structure on which to base this practice, which forms the majority of the book:

  1. Mental Loop
  2. A Meditation
  3. Mirror
  4. One Question

The latter section of Ravikant's book, entitled The Lesson, recounts his own attempts to incorporate this four-step structure into his daily life in America. It reveals the trials and tribulations of trying to build healthy, beneficial habits into a busy life, therefore serving as a practical testimony for any readers who need further guidance or encouragement.

Favorite quote

I think that instead of reading loads of self-help books, attending various seminars, listening to different preachers, we should just pick one thing. Something that feels true for us. Then practice it fiercely.

- Kamal Ravikant

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