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Love That Story

Jonathan Van Ness

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In his follow-up memoir, Jonathan Van Ness gets curious about current issues, including marijuana legalization and body dysmorphia, through the lens of his queer experience.


Love That Story

Love That Story

by Jonathan Van Ness


Queer Eye star and queer non-binary icon Jonathan Van Ness is known for getting curious about tough subjects, and that's exactly what he does in his new book, Love That Story. After sharing his traumas and healing in his first book, Over the Top, Van Ness goes deeper into issues that he is passionate about, such as systemic racism, body shame, internalized homophobia in the gay community, grief, and more. In each personal essay in Love That Story, Van Ness guides readers through a complex and challenging subject, with a sprinkling of his trademark humor.

Favorite quote

Taking care of my inner child also means staying engaged and empathetic to people around me.

- Jonathan Van Ness

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