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Craig Taylor

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Journalist and playwright Craig Taylor tells the story of London through the eyes of its residents: from immigrants to natives, from shopkeepers to artists, from those who are in love with it to those who are only passing through.




by Craig Taylor


London is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world, known for its vibrant cultural mix and its artistic output. London is a city that fascinates and intoxicates, attracting millions from around the world. London's reputation for welcoming newcomers from multiple backgrounds and ways of life marks it as a staple of acceptance, diversity, and culture. The city's multiplicity lies within its various neighborhoods, its history, and its rich subculture.

Journalist, playwright, and author Craig Taylor uncovers different perspectives on one of the most exciting and enigmatic cities in the world, gathering diverse voices and opinions to shed light on the colorful, fluctuating essence of London.

Favorite quote

What is a city but the people?

- William Shakespeare, Coriolanus

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