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Live Free or Die

Sean Hannity

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The long-standing Fox News personality explains how Donald Trump and the conservative American mindset can and must keep the U.S. faithful to its constitution and founding principles.


Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die

by Sean Hannity


'Live free or die' is a phrase rooted in revolution. It conveys the clash between liberty and slavery, independence and war — contradictions that lie at the heart of America's story. It is America's heart that Sean Hannity appeals to in his fourth book: a set of core values that he argues are under threat from progressive ideology.

Hannity was born in New York City and made his name as a right-wing political commentator via national radio and his Fox News show. Hannity aligned himself with Donald Trump as the former president emerged onto the political scene.

Published during the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign, Live Free or Die backs the Trump administration, highlighting its successes as well as each failed attempt to bring it down. The book positions left-wing ideology as fundamentally opposed to many of America' founding principles, which Hannity says must be preserved at all costs.

Favorite quote

Donald Trump has now taken up the mantle of defending America's liberty, reinforcing her greatness, and reigniting her entrepreneurial energy. Both Reagan and Trump are heirs to a legacy of freedom that began with the colonization of this land.

- Sean Hannity

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