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Podcast Hack
Little-Known Secrets on How to Improve Your FocusBy The Mindvalley Podcast , Vishen Lakhiani, Steven Kotler

In a Nutshell

Journalist and author Steven Kotler explains the science of focus and how we can use it to reclaim our attention in this February 2021 episode of The Mindvalley Podcast.

Favorite Quote

The brain at rest is two percent of your body mass and uses 25 percent of your energy. Focus, on top of that, is a huge energy drain. You want to try to find ways to conserve energy, to get focus for free.

Steven Kotler


Flow is a state in which our attention is given entirely to a task in the present moment.

So how can you improve your focus and access your creative flow?

Steven Kotler is a journalist, author, and founder of the Flow Research Collective, an organization that studies and shares insights on flow.

Kotler has worked with top American companies and business leaders to help them achieve what he calls 'peak performance.'

In this February 2021 episode of The Mindvalley Podcast, Kotler draws on the latest research on flow and attention to offer lessons for regaining focus and improving performance.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    You can use ideas from neurobiology to focus your attention
  2. 2.
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