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Life Without Sex

Charlie Bell

5 mins

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In Life Without Sex, Sky News reporter Charlie Bell interviews four people in an effort to understand asexuality and highlight the common misconceptions surrounding it.


Life Without Sex

Life Without Sex

by Charlie Bell


After centuries of oppression and stigma, society has finally begun to recognize the diversity of sexual identities and orientations. But what about the estimated 1% of the global population whose sexual orientation can be described as 'none?'

While many people have heard the term 'asexual,' few understand what it really means or whether it's possible for people to actually lack a sex drive. To shine light on this overlooked population, Sky News reporter Charlie Bell interviews four people who identify as asexual, commonly known as 'ace.' These illuminating conversations uncover how asexuals are perceived by others, what it's like to live as an ace, and how they're becoming more vocal.

Favorite quote

With people not knowing that asexuality exists, it comes with people constantly trying to debunk your identity all the time.

- Yasmin Benoit, model

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