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Liberation Through Hearing

Richard Russell

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Liberation Through Hearing tells the tale of an eccentric man and an even more eccentric record label; highlighting why a life as an avant-garde and pioneer is a terrifying yet liberating experience.


Liberation Through Hearing

Liberation Through Hearing

by Richard Russell


Richard Russell is a music industry veteran who's seen everything, specifically the rise of hip-hop, rap, and rave music. He's worked with music titans like The Prodigy, Adele, The White Stripes, and Dizzee Rascal. A world-class music producer, back in 1992 he showed the power of the underground scene when his single The Bouncer went from pirate radio stations to Top of the Pops. Ultimately, he became the leader of XL Recordings, an independent label that heralded the music scene and broke new ground with revolutionary sounds.

In the music industry, not everything boils down to sales and profit. Russell has always been a proponent of 'real' music – sounds and artists that connect with the audience, look forward and keep up that spirit of freedom, no matter the genre.

Favorite quote

When I stopped wanting things for the wrong reasons, they became possible.

- Richard Russell

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