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Less Doing More Living

Ari Meisel

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The less you have to do, the more life you have to live. This book helps you implement this philosophy into your life by giving you real-world tools to boost efficiency in every aspect of your life.


Less Doing More Living

Less Doing More Living

by Ari Meisel


Ari Meisel has done it all. Biohacking, real estate, building websites, productivity coaching, running triathlons. When he was forced to face Crohn's disease at a very young age, Meisel felt hopeless at first but eventually developed an unbreakable spirit.

Meisel not only overcame the disease, but now shares his combination of techniques and story all over the world as a speaker, author, and coach. Less Doing More Living is the 2014 bestseller that contains Meisel's wisdom on productivity and taking back the time in your life to do what really matters to you.

Favorite quote

Optimizing your life starts with establishing self-awareness.

- Ari Meisel

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