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Learning ZoomBy Garrick Chow

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Staff instructor Garrick Chow shares everything you need to know about Zoom, from getting started, to hosting and attending meetings, to navigating control options and features.

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Zoom video conferences give you and your team the ability to meet together from anywhere in the world (where you have an internet connection).

Garrick Chow


In today's evolving digital world, collaborations are shifting from in-person meetings to online. It's more important than ever to understand how the video conferencing app Zoom works.

Fortunately, Garrick Chow has experience in navigating Zoom and utilizing its features. Chow is a senior staff instructor at LinkedIn Learning, with two decades of experience in authoring more than 120 video-based courses covering a diverse range of topics. Chow is dedicated to lifelong learning, regularly leading live classes and seminars at private companies, government agencies, colleges, and universities.

This course provides an in-depth exploration of how Zoom works and how we can leverage its features for improved collaboration and participation. Discover how to get started with Zoom, host and schedule meetings, join meetings, and utilize more advanced features and tools.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Familiarize yourself with how Zoom works before your first meeting
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