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Learning to Write Marketing Copy

Ian Lurie

5 mins

3 key insights

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Learning to Write Marketing Copy will show the skills and strategies that you can use to write for both online and offline audiences, in a way that ensures customers take specific actions to drive marketing success.


Learning to Write Marketing Copy

Learning to Write Marketing Copy

by Ian Lurie


From emails to social media posts, we all write in our everyday lives. But writing for marketing or advertising is not quite the same. The key to copywriting is to share a message, and thus get the audience to take action. Copywriting doesn't come as naturally as other types of writing, but is a skill that must be developed so that the text aligns with the brand's marketing strategy.

Ian Laurie has over 20 years' experience writing marketing copy. In this course, he shares all the steps from the initial brainstorm all the way to the end result. Learning to Write Marketing Copy reveals the strategies and skills that you need for effective copywriting, and how to develop them so you can plan for copywriting projects with ease.

Favorite quote

Great marketing delivers value to people when they most need it.

- Ian Lurie

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