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Learning Success

R.J. Jenkins, Sara Remedios, Josh Edwin, Columbia University

5 mins

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In this course offered through edX and Columbia University, instructors R.J. Jenkins, Sara Remedios Bloom, and Josh Edwin discuss strategies students can use to make the most out of college academics.


Learning Success

Learning Success

by R.J. Jenkins


There's an infinity of learning methods, but some have been proven to be overall more successful than others. College students, especially, face challenges with reading, writing, computing, and absorbing large amounts of new information daily. By better understanding how we learn, and how the mind stores information, we can create more effective study habits.

In this Columbia University course, Curriculum Designer at the Center for Veteran Transition and Integration R.J. Jenkins, Associate Dean of Students Sara Remedios Bloom, and Senior Assistant Dean of Students Josh Edwin explore techniques for improved learning and retention.

Favorite quote

A lot of the ways that we've been taught to think about learning, actually go against the ways that our brains are set up to learn.

- Sara Remedios Bloom, Associate Dean of Students, Columbia University

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