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Learning SalesforceBy Christine Volden

In a Nutshell

The Learning Salesforce course discusses all the major features of the customer relationship management tool, which helps you keep track of your customers' information, including updates on contact details, accounts, and new leads.

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Sixty percent of all customers say 'no' four times before they say 'yes.'

Christine Volden


If you are a salesperson, you likely have a lot on your plate: customer data management, record tracking, background research, sales news updates, and more. In order to keep up with everything, you need a standard customer relationship management tool like Salesforce.

Few are better equipped to describe how Salesforce works than Christine Volden, who has been using the tool for more than 15 years in a range of Fortune 500 companies. Volden is also proficient in Salesforce's new product called SalesforceIQ, geared towards smaller businesses.

This course leads you through all things Salesforce, from getting yourself familiarized with its homepage to managing accounts, contracts, and leads for your business.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    With Salesforce, you can customize your homepage according to your needs
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