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Learning and Memory

Central Queensland University

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Can studying how the brain works help teachers be more effective in the classroom? In this course from Central Queensland University, Professor Ken Purnell explains how learning and memory work together in education.


Learning and Memory

Learning and Memory

by Central Queensland University


The brain has long been misunderstood, but recent scientific advancements have revealed some of its secrets. Many discoveries surrounding neuroplasticity and the inner workings of our memories have encouraged educators to rethink their teaching methods.

Professor Ken Purnell from Central Queensland University has decades of teaching experience and a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience.

In this online course from FutureLearn, Purnell relays his vast knowledge of how the brain works so that teachers can improve their education methods. Purnell covers neuroplasticity, the stages of memory, the drawbacks of memorization, and the impact of stress on learning.

Favorite quote

Weighing in at around 1.4 kg ... the human brain is more complex than any other known structure in the universe and is responsible for all of the body's functions and learning.

- Professor Ken Purnell, Ph.D., Central Queensland University

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