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Learn Social Psychology Fundamentals

Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.

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In Learn Social Psychology Fundamentals, social psychologist Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D., explains how your surroundings affect your psychology and biases.


Learn Social Psychology Fundamentals

Learn Social Psychology Fundamentals

by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.


Social psychology is the scientific study of how our surroundings and the people around us impact our everyday choices, relationships, and interactions. Even if you think of yourself as the most independent thinker around, there are many interesting, little-known ways that other people can get into our heads.

Through mechanisms like subliminal messages and unconscious biases, our brain picks up information from the world around us and adapts it to fit its own perspective – however right or wrong it may be.

Andrew Luttrell is a social psychologist and host of the Opinion Science podcast. His goal is to help you figure out why you act the way you do, and who – indirectly – makes you do it.

Favorite quote

An understanding of social psychology helps you understand what the core motivators of human thought and behavior are, and predict how people will behave.

- Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.

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