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Languages of LossBy Sasha Bates

In a Nutshell

Psychotherapist Sasha Bates explores grief and loss in a memoir that fuses moving personal reflection with critical analysis.

Favorite Quote

Grief plunges you deep into the terror of a world gone mad, and you mad along with it; familiar structures and beliefs are blown apart, and uncertainty, chaos, and anarchy reign; where the language you thought you knew how to speak no longer makes sense.

Sasha Bates


When psychotherapist Sasha Bates unexpectedly lost the love of her life, she found herself bewildered by how unable she was to comprehend and manage life without her husband.

Turning to writing, she combined what she termed her 'grieving self' with her 'therapist self.'

This ultimately offer a raw and moving account of the first year of her attempt to make sense of her altered reality.

Languages of Loss is an essential companion for those struggling to face their own loss.

It offers wisdom, guidance, and analytical theories for emotional survival, while recognising that there is no single map to deal with immobilizing grief.

While we may not feel equipped to face our pain, therapeutic modalities provide insight, and the hope that we might one day reflect upon our suffering on our path to healing.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    There is no one path through grief, which irrevocably changes us
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