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This tell-all book, featuring off-the-record conversations with former aides and cabinet members, describes in shocking detail the final events of the Trump presidency.




by Michael Wolff


After all of the unprecedented events of 2020, it's easy to forget the scandals from the final months of the Trump administration. But now, we have a chance to understand the details — courtesy of those on the inside.

Michael Wolff is a journalist and bestselling author whose books about the Trump administration include Fire and Fury and Siege: Trump under Fire. In this third and final installment, Wolff records the chaotic tailspin that began in mid-2020, during the latter phase of the President's failed reelection bid.

Amid the multiple COVID-19 outbreaks among the Cabinet, the widespread misinformation campaign to overturn the election, and the vicious attack on the United States Capitol building, the Trump presidency went out with a bang. Landslide, published in July 2021, chronicles the floundering administration's final weeks through interviews and fascinating anecdotes from those who were there for the ride.

Favorite quote

The January 6th march on Washington, in the subtle variations among the organizing groups, was, for many, an effort not so much to keep Trump in power as to find the best position for when he was no longer in power.

- Michael Wolff

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