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Key Person of InfluenceBy Daniel Priestley, Kevin Harrington

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Daniel Priestley's five-step KPI Method combines with Kevin Harrington's unique perspective tells you how to quickly become a highly valued and highly paid person in any industry.

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As you progress deeper into the inner circle and establish yourself as a Key Person of Influence, your income takes a leap, you get invited into important meetings, your voice gets heard and you have more input.

Daniel Priestley


The most notable people in almost any industry are the most highly paid and highly valued within their field. And as Daniel Priestley knows, they're having the most fun too.

Daniel Priestley is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Dent Global, a leading accelerator program for small businesses and startups. Priestley's bestselling book Key Person of Influence struck a chord with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, leading to a collaboration.

The newly revised edition combines the perspectives of both entrepreneurial giants, with specific insights for the U.S. market. The book outlines the five crucial yet surprisingly simple behavior changes an individual can make to drastically change their impact on this world and bring them more influence, success, and value.

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    The world has changed and so must you
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