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Just Listen

Mark Goulston, Keith Ferrazzi

5 mins

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Just Listen teaches us how to communicate our messages to anyone with proven listening and persuasion techniques.


Just Listen

Just Listen

by Mark Goulston


Have you ever talked to someone who only talks about themselves? They'll tell you all about their last vacation or their kids. Yet they don't care to ask you about your life. Isn't it kind of exhausting? It's hard to talk to people like this because a good conversation requires reciprocation. As humans, we want to be heard and understood, and we need to give people that in return by listening to them.

What if we need to get a message across to someone else? How do we get them to listen to us? We often have situations where we need to get through to people; whether it's a disgruntled employee, an insecure spouse, or an unhappy client. To convince people to listen to us, we simply need to listen to them first.

If you want to learn how to get people invested in what you have to say, and reach those who seem unreachable, Just Listen is the book for you. Author Mark Goulston is a psychiatrist and business coach for major organizations. Using the most up-to-date research on listening and persuasion techniques, he helps us get our message across to just about anyone by learning to listen better.

Favorite quote

Perceiving is just believing. Misperceiving is deceiving – and worse yet, prevents achieving.

- Mark Goulston

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