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Just Eat It

Laura Thomas

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Recent nutritional trends have encouraged people to tightly control their diets and create rules around their food intake — but are they as healthy as we'd think?


Just Eat It

Just Eat It

by Laura Thomas


The global diet industry is estimated to be worth more than $176 billion. We're constantly being bombarded with information about what our bodies should look like and what we should or shouldn't eat. It's easy to become consumed and stressed out by it all.

Laura Thomas is a registered nutritionist on an anti-diet crusade. She holds a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences. Thomas hosts her own podcast, 'Don't Salt My Game,' and has been featured in the New Scientist, Huffington Post, and on both BBC Global News and Channel 5 News.

Thomas encourages you to examine your relationship with food and to begin to improve it. In Just Eat It: How Intuitive Eating Can Help You Get Your Sh*t Together Around Food, the nutrition expert promotes the concept of intuitive eating and shines a light on dangerous diet myths.

Favorite quote

In an attempt to distance ourselves from overt dieting, we have developed new, creative ways to engage in disordered eating behaviours.

- Laura Thomas

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