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Joy at WorkBy Dennis W. Bakke

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In Joy at Work, ex-Fortune 500 CEO Dennis Bakke teaches the secret to running a profitable business: the happiness of your employees.

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A special workplace has many ingredients, but by far the most important factor is whether people are able to use their individual talents and skills to do something useful, significant, and worthwhile.

Dennis Bakke


When Dennis co-founded electricity company AES, he wanted to build a company that prioritized employees over everything else – board members, shareholders, and even annual financial targets. Bakke was frustrated by how often senior executives focused solely on metrics like sales, numbers, and data. Bakke wondered why so many companies ignored the welfare of their employees in favor of hitting financial targets, when it seemed clear that these two factors were interconnected.

The goal of Joy at Work is simple: to advocate for work that is stimulating, engaging, and fun for employees. When employees feel like they're contributing, they'll show up ready and excited for work each day.

Whether you're feeling dejected about your job, looking to kickstart your own successful company, or wanting to inject new life into your employees, the secrets to joy at work are all here. The bottom line? A company's purpose is just as important as its financial targets.

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    If you want happy, hard-working employees, consider a honeycomb business model
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