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Job Search Strategies

Valerie Sutton

5 mins

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Whether expanding your professional profile, networking successfully, or better managing your time, this course reveals the secrets to discovering exciting new job opportunities.


Job Search Strategies

Job Search Strategies

by Valerie Sutton


Searching for the right job can become overwhelming, especially if you've submitted many applications to no avail. It's even harder to search the internet for the best course of action because there's so much contradicting information.

Career specialist Valerie Sutton has plenty of experience and expertise when it comes to job searching. Throughout this course, Sutton reveals the various techniques required for effectively organizing your time and gaining online visibility, as well as which job boards to focus on when applying for your dream role.

Favorite quote

The job search is a full-time job. It's important to remain visible so that jobs come to you. As you are looking for a job, remember that it does take time, so be patient and stay active in your search. Build your plan and stick with it.

- Valerie Sutton

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