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JanetBy Benjamin Hirsch, Janet Jackson

In a Nutshell

In this documentary, Janet Jackson looks back on her 50-year career alongside friends and family, revealing the resilience that made her a pop legend.

Favorite quote

She's been hurt, she's been damaged, she's had abuse, she's had hate, but she never, ever played the victim card. Super Bowl, relationships, marriages — you're all judging someone you don't know.

Wayne Scot Lukas, Janet Jackson's stylist


Janet Jackson is one of the most influential pop stars of her generation, but her musical achievements have often been overshadowed by media frenzies surrounding her and her brother, Michael Jackson.

Now, after decades of speculation and unsolicited biographies, Janet Jackson finally shares her side of the story.

Directed by Benjamin Hirsch, this documentary takes us from the pop star's childhood alongside The Jackson 5 to finding her own path, covering all the tumultuous ups and downs in between.

Insights from Jackson are interspersed with recollections from her close family and friends, including her mother Katherine, choreographer Paula Abdul, and collaborator Missy Elliott.

Together, a vast array of Jackson's loved ones reflect on her impact on the entertainment industry and the scope of her legacy.

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    Janet Jackson’s father pushed the family to be the best they could be
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