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Investing with ImpactBy Jeremy K Balkin

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The 'Anti-Wolf of Wall Street' Jeremy K. Balkin explains how finance could transform society for the better, by relearning the core moral values of capitalism.

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The power to effect positive change is infinitely greater in finance than it is in any other industry or sector, including government.

Jeremy K. Balkin


The reputation of the financial industry has plummeted due to the role it played in the devastating Great Recession of 2008. Much of the public anger was deserved.

However, the need for change should not mask the core principle that capitalism remains our most powerful tool for positive social impact.

What's needed is an updated set of values and tools that help us meet the original capitalist mandate of 'doing well by doing good.'

Jeremy K. Balkin is an author, Head of Innovation at JPMorgan Chase, and a prominent advocate for ethics in banking. In Investing with Impact, he calls on finance and society at large to embrace its lost moral purpose.

Balkin touches on the consequences of the financial crisis and why capitalism is key to prosperity, before presenting his '6E Paradigm' for evaluating the social impact of investments alongside their financial returns.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Capitalism is a force for good
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