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Introduction to Web Development

National Center for Computing Education, Raspberry Pi Foundation

5 mins

3 key insights

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The Introduction to Web Development course from Raspberry Pi on Future Learn explains the basics of website design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create customized websites from scratch.


Introduction to Web Development

Introduction to Web Development

by National Center for Computing Education


Do you have to be an expert developer to customize your own site? Introduction to Web Development walks prospective amateur developers through the terms and tools needed to design and edit web pages like a pro.

The course is taught by Matt Hogan, the Learning Manager at The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a nonprofit that expands the computing skills of communities across the globe. Raspberry Pi provides free learning opportunities for children, like Code Club World, and for adults, like this Future Learn course.

The course offers students the chance to experiment with their own web design and practice using a tool called Trinket to see changes in real time. Learners can use the Trinket platform to build and share their own sites with other students in the course.

Favorite quote

The main ethos of the web is to share information, and to have the freedom to share this information without asking permission from anyone.

- Matt Hogan, course instructor

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