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Introduction to Financial Markets

Vaidya Nathan

5 mins

3 key insights

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Academic and former investment banker Vaidya Nathan presents a jargon-busting guide to investing in financial markets the right way and jumping over most beginners' trials and tribulations.


Introduction to Financial Markets

Introduction to Financial Markets

by Vaidya Nathan


Successful investments put you on the path to financial security and freedom. Living off your paychecks is fine, but if you want to break free from the restrictions of salaried employment, you have to put your savings to work.

The problem is that investing can be very intimidating – baffling Wall Street jargon puts off all but the most committed amateur. Fortunately, anyone can learn the language of investing – whether they work at McDonald's or Morgan Stanley.

Vaidya Nathan is an academic at the Indian School of Business and a former investment banker with JP Morgan. In this detailed course, he explains the fundamentals of wise investing, demystifying the stock market, currency market, and bond market along the way.

Favorite quote

Investment is an effort that, should it be successful, will increase your wealth slowly but surely… it should be really boring. If you want excitement, if you want to speculate, take a thousand dollars and go to Las Vegas.

- Vaidya Nathan

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