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Introduction to Data Visualization

Nicholas Felton

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

Information designer Nicholas Felton shows us how we can use data and graphics to build strong narratives.


Introduction to Data Visualization

Introduction to Data Visualization

by Nicholas Felton


Data visualization is the practice of translating large data sets into easily comprehensible, graphic visuals. It helps us to drive impactful meaning and illustrate patterns within data sets.

Nicholas Felton is an information designer whose work focuses on translating quotidian data into meaningful and engaging visual representations. One of Felton's most renowned works is a series of personal annual reports that condense the events of his life into a set of graphs, maps, and statistics.

In Skillshare's Introduction to Data Visualization course, Felton shares his data visualization process. The designer helps us understand how to ask the right questions, make sense of our data sets, and present information so that it's easy for others to understand. Felton also explores how elements such as color, typography, and statistics play out to drive more meaningful visuals.

Favorite quote

Seeing the world through the lens of data is a really compelling way of seeing the world.

- Nicholas Felton

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