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Interview Masterclass

Aimee Bateman

5 mins

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Ace your next job interview as careers consultant Aimee Bateman shares useful strategies to help you structure responses to questions and make a lasting impression on the interview panel.


Interview Masterclass

Interview Masterclass

by Aimee Bateman


The job interview is one of the most challenging parts of the recruitment process; no matter how dazzling your cover letter or achievements might be, it's hard to translate this into a high-pressure conversation. Often, the interview is like your final hurdle; getting one at all is often a huge achievement. Now, all that stands between you and the job offer is the interview.

An award-winning careers consultant, Aimee Bateman has a passion for helping job seekers make themselves known in today's most competitive industries. She is also the founder and CEO of, a career support platform that offers career management courses, from job search to achieving the first promotion.

In this course, Bateman shares her most useful tidbits for acing that all-important interview.

Favorite quote

If you can end the interview by giving the interviewer this feeling of: 'Yeah, gosh, they really cared about me and the company. They were really interested. They really saw me and valued what I thought.' It's going to have a massive impact.

- Aimee Bateman

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