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Interior Styling

Justina Blakeney

5 mins

3 key insights

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Interior Styling: Style Your Place Like A Pro explains the eight basic principles of interior styling and how to apply them in our living spaces.


Interior Styling

Interior Styling

by Justina Blakeney


Everything around us has some form of styling and design applied to it. We can have a much greater appreciation for these things in our everyday lives by understanding the core principles of interior styling.

In this course, artist and designer Justina Blakeney simplifies the concepts of interior styling and shows how to bring them into your home. Blakeney explains the eight basic principles of decorating, exploring how to pay attention to micro and macro design, develop a designer's eye, and make any space unique and beautiful.

Favorite quote

We need to add life. So this is where if you have a cat or a dog or really hot boyfriend or adorable little baby, you put them on the sofa.

- Justina Blakeney

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