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Intelligent TreesBy Peter Wohlleben, Suzanne Simard

In a Nutshell

Intelligent Trees is a fascinating look into the way trees communicate and the science behind this remarkable process.

Favorite quote

I started to examine why these trees didn't seem to grow well when they were by themselves. I found that when we remove certain species or their neighbors that trees actually became ill.

Suzanne Simard, ecologist


Forest-dwelling peoples have known for thousands of years that trees can feel. Now, Western science has realized they were right all along. A forest is more than just a collection of individual organisms – its trees form vast social networks, all connected to one another.

Intelligent Trees is a documentary compiled from decades of research from forester Peter Wohlleben and scientist Suzanne Simard. Explaining cutting-edge ecological science in an understandable way, this concise, fascinating film follows tree researchers from Canada and Germany to examine the social nature of trees.

Trees not only communicate, but form what can best be described as relationships. As our modern practice of harvesting trees for consumption threatens this complex social web, we must reexamine how we look at trees and the world that surrounds them.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Scientists have proved that trees have their own social networks
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