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Instagram-Worthy Photography

Brandon Woelfel

5 mins

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Instagram-famous photographer Brandon Woelfel walks us through exactly how to take scroll-stopping pictures and edit them to create something magical.


Instagram-Worthy Photography

Instagram-Worthy Photography

by Brandon Woelfel


Anyone can take a smartphone photo. But believe it or not, it takes real skill to create those incredible Instagram posts that rack up likes. Fortunately, it's a skill you can learn.

Brandon Woelfel is a New York-based portrait photographer known for his Instagram-worthy shots. In this course, Woelfel teaches you how to experiment with lighting, editing, and creativity to craft amazing photos.

Favorite quote

I like to view an image as a painting, and starting from scratch, really diving into those editing techniques and really pulling everything you can out of one single image.

- Brandon Woelfel

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