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Inside Job

Charles Ferguson

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In this Oscar-winning 2010 documentary film, director Charles Ferguson proves a clear conspiracy among the bankers, politicians, and other powerful people that caused the 2008 banking collapse.


Inside Job

Inside Job

by Charles Ferguson


The global financial collapse of 2008 was the biggest economic disaster in nearly a century. In a matter of months, the middle class disappeared, and the poor became homeless. This was not a matter of bad luck or poor judgement by the financial sector. It was the self-enriching deregulation plan of Wall Street execs, American politicians, greedy lawyers, and other deceitful financial bosses who made billions of dollars at the two trillion dollar expense of those they'd promised to serve: us.

Inside Job is directed by Charles Ferguson and narrated by actor Matt Damon. Ferguson is most famous for his political documentaries, such as No End in Sight, exploring the American occupation of Iraq.

Favorite quote

By 1986, he was making millions of dollars, and he thought it was because he was smart.

- Charles Morris, Author, The Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown, on a colleague whose salary skyrocketed with deregulation

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