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Inclusive Teaching

Amanda M. Jungels, Chandani Patel, Columbia University

5 mins

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In this course, Amanda M. Jungels and Chandani Patel provide a detailed framework for establishing and implementing inclusive teaching practices in the classroom.


Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive Teaching

by Amanda M. Jungels


Higher-education classrooms are growing increasingly diverse. How can we ensure that all students feel safe, respected, and able to learn? Inclusive teaching is a method of optimizing student learning through responsive and accessible pedagogy, curricula, and assessment.

Amanda M. Jungels and Chandani Patel are Senior Assistant Directors at The Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning. Jungels and Patel share their expertise in order to equip educators with the tools to implement inclusive teaching in the classroom.

This course presents an analysis of the essential elements of inclusive teaching. It also offers practical tips on how to apply them in a higher-education classroom.

Favorite quote

Inclusive teaching recognizes that students consist of a mind, body, and soul … when we invite our students to unite those different aspects of their beings, they have the opportunity to achieve at the highest levels.

- Frank Tuitt, Senior Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion, University of Denver

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