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Inclusive Leadership

Dr. Shirley Davis

5 mins

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This course explores diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, examining how disruptions can affect workers directly.


Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

by Dr. Shirley Davis


Inclusive work environments produce higher performance and productivity, increase employee engagement, drive innovation and creativity, and positively impact the customer service experience. Inclusive leaders are committed to cultivating diverse work environments to ensure everyone's expectations and beliefs are adhered to. How can we, as leaders, build more inclusive workspaces?

Dr. Shirley Davis is a global workplace culture transformation expert. She's also a keynote speaker and a former senior business executive in HR, diversity, and inclusion. In this course, Dr. Davis aims to enhance our understanding of how to improve leadership skills and competencies and build diverse, inclusive, powerful workplace cultures.

Favorite quote

As a leader, you need to know how to navigate this complex and rapidly changing landscape, because inclusive leaders create inclusive work environments.

- Dr. Shirley Davis

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