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Imperfect Courage

Jessica Honegger

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Imperfect Courage is the story of how entrepreneur Jessica Honegger learned to step out of her comfort zone and build a million-dollar business, helping artists and people in need around the world.


Imperfect Courage

Imperfect Courage

by Jessica Honegger


We all want to get to a place where we don't have to worry about money so we can live comfortably. But to get there, we need to step out of our comfort zone. If we want to continue to grow, we need to keep pushing ourselves beyond where we're comfortable.

Jessica Honegger, the author of Imperfect Courage, once found her progression and financial situation stagnating. She had a choice to either wait until things got better, or take matters into her own hands and make the money herself. She was terrified to move forward with an idea she had to help Ugandan women sell their jewelry. But she took a leap of faith and got started.

With supportive friends, Honegger made the endeavor a huge success. They also loved the jewelry, and soon she began her now prosperous jewelry and apparel selling company, Noonday Collection. Honegger found purpose and success by helping people all around the world, and after reading this, perhaps you will too.

Favorite quote

Every person dies, but not every person truly lives.

- Jessica Honegger

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