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Philipp Dettmer

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Philipp Dettmer's simple and irreverent exploration of one of the most complicated and confusing networks in nature — the human immune system.




by Philipp Dettmer


In the context of a pandemic, the words 'immune system' and 'immunity' get thrown around a lot. But what exactly is the immune system? How can the immune system keep up when an invading virus-cell can make hundreds of copies of itself in hours and billions of copies within days?

Science communicator Philipp Dettmer digs deep into scientific research to deliver the core components of the mechanisms of our immune system.

In Immune: a Journey Into the Mysterious System that Keeps You Alive, the creator of the popular science Youtube channel Kurzgesagt examines one of the most complex, delicate systems in the human body in a way everyone can understand.

Favorite quote

You are the height of immune system development. Although, your immune system is not really inside of you. It is you. It is an expression of your biology protecting itself and making your life possible.

- Philipp Dettmer

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